Our two nights/three days unfolded to become a fascinating community of characterful travellers. The panoramic viewing car was not only a place to enjoy the scenery, but also a place to meet others — everyone was so ready to chat. Our meals were taken in the dining car, where we shared a table with two others. We enjoyed conversations with so many — here’s a flavour:
Alex, one of the country’s leading crime scene cleaners, and his young son Andrew; Josh, a “Private in the 1st Nebraska Voluntary Infantry”, a scene re-construction player who also drives steam train, he had a friend Michael with him; Carl, who worked in adult education in Ireland, he had a very amusing turn of phrase; Ruzica & Boris from Croatia, both in IT (in the picture); Atul from Deli in India and living in Atlanta — he shared a fascinating description of his arranged marriage; Justin who was skate boarding across America. And to top off this description, Amy has just remarked: “… it’s just like just s small town onboard the train — a mobile village…”

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