After exploring the town and castle I was ready for a snack at Noon. I’d spotted this little place earlier and thought the food looked interesting, partly because I’d noticed they served dark Korca beer which is my favourite. I chose a snack called

20140610-073334-27214285.jpgShapkat, a local cornbread, spinach and white cheese recipe made by Creshnik’s (the owner) sister. I sat and chatted to Creshnik, who had good English learnt in Cork, Ireland. As we talked gradually more of his friends arrived, the first was a fisherman who brought a bag of fish he’d caught earlier, Creshink’s brother who is the butcher appeared, then other friends came and sat. A litre plastic bottle of raki then appeared and glasses were produced, we enjoyed a drink or two. Then a huge tray of the cooked fish was set on the table together loaves of fresh bread. We simply sat there passing the bread around tearing pieces off and enjoying the fish. It was a surreal experience to find myself in company of people I’d never met before, and sharing a meal. I bade them fair well at three.
PS: the third picture is an ornate ceiling in an Ottoman house that I’d visited earlier — I needed to fill the picture space!

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