I set off early for my 275 km drive back to Tirana from Saranda the southern most point of my travels. It was going to take about five hours. Unfortunately three-quarter way through my journey my front off-side tyre blew-out, in the middle of nowhere — what now? Within a few moments a young guy turned up in his car and offered to help. We pulled out the spare wheel, thankfully it was all ready to go. Unfortunately the wheel brace didn’t fit. Then his mate turned up, produced a brace that did fit. The car was duly jacked up with boulders being deployed underneath because the whole rig started to wobble — by his time two more locals had arrived to help. Then in no time the new wheel was on and tightened. A 1,000 LEK note seemed to satisfy my helpers, then I was on my way. I arrived in Tirana, negotiated the crazy city traffic and presented myself at the Shkendije office just one hour late at 1pm — relieved to be home!

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