The first at 10am with Dan Dupree, UK Baptist minister from Southend-on-sea, he and his wife Annie with their three children have been in Tirana for ten months. They are establishing themselves, with language and culture. And seeking God’s direction. We found lots of common ground in both Shkenije and FACT, and Albania!

And the second at 2pm with Gjergj Ndoci and Eltjon (Toni) Huta, both working with the Interconfessional Bible Society of Albania. Exciting because they’re working across the Christian denominations with the aim of producing a faithful bible translation from original sources; the OT follows in two years’ time. 

They are also embarking on an innovative project which has won a Government sponsored competition to build a youth football academy in Tirana. They’re not just about making the bible available, but also creating a platform to share and live it. 

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