One of the things I enjoy most in Albania is to meet people from all corners of the faith community, and those with no faith – and introducing them to each other. Tek Ura is Baptist Missionary Society enterprise which serves some of the Roma community in the Kafen e Rremes area of Tirana. The founders are Mat and Dan & Annie (who know FACT well through their children’s visits to FACT summer courses). They have established Tek Ura (at the bridge) as an Albanian not-for-profit. They provide social education, work to improve living conditions and provide simple but meaningful engagement – celebrating diversity. They are also significantly engaged with faith and community work, which is bearing fruit in an emerging church of more than 40 people.

Dan talked about their need to find solutions to improve the drinking water quality of the Roma community. While with them, just an email connection away, we linked with FACT’s Lizzie White who works in Peru with Serving in Mission (SIM), she’s a water engineer, and now is offering technical advice to Tek Ura on water filtration ideas.

And most important, it was a privilege to introduce Nathan & Gabriela Hoppe from the Albanian Orthodox Church to Tek Ura. Nathan & Gabriela lead the huge children’s programme within the Orthodox Church, and the church also work on many other community fronts. They are now keen to link more with Tek Ura to glean ideas to better develop deeper engagement in their areas of ministry.


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