Albania has a very strong bond with Kosovë. Many Kosovans became refugees in Albania during the 1998/99 war, and strong friendships were formed. The country is gradually emerging from the conflict.

Shkëndijë is planning to partner with churches in Prështinë, Gjilan and Gjakova to present children’s work training using the Van. Rachel, Olti and I travelled the four-hour journey to Preshtinë on the big new road. Eleven coffee meetings were organised with various church leaders in the city and other towns. For some reason, our city meetings were in the Hotel Grande, which Trip Advisor rates as ‘truly awful’ and ‘horror!’ – perhaps the next project for the country.

I had some time-out in the city, exploring some interesting buildings, and to see gathering signs of recovery. The meetings were fruitful, and we’re planning church partnership training in the autumn.

Image 4

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