Shkëndijë began in the seaside town of Shëngjin, a short drive from the bigger inland town of Lëzhë where Vali & Sokol live with their son Sion. Vali continues good work with a regular children’s group in Shëngjin, and the older members are taking the lead, which is so encouraging. Our prayer is that this group might develop into a worshiping church community.

Vali & Sokol are such good friends. We visited the castle with its high coastal view, and also the marshland lagoons. The fish meal by the port was wonderful. Sokol’s role as a local policeman seemed to lift barriers to places that the public don’t get to see – derelict torpedo boats and submarine pens from the Hoxha regime were spookily fascinating. And further along the coast where Shkëndijë was once looking at an ex-army base to be a centre, plots of land are being sold and developed. Later in the week, on TV news, we heard that the Lëzhë mayor and some of his staff had been arrested for illegally selling land in the very area we had visited – land and property title is such a challenge in Albania.

Image 6.jpg

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