Once again, it’s been a pleasure to have spent time with old friends, and to make new ones. Also a pleasure to get to know Albania and its people a little more each time I visit, my seventh since 2007. And a privilege to meet Christian folk who have a heart to serve Albania’s children and young people.

Top of my prayers go to Rachel Wilson, and the Shkendije team of Vali, Matilda and Marko. Also for Anila in her work with Nehemiah in Pogradec; for Eric & Cathy, Asim & Beta and Mark & Ruth who work with Udhëkryq in Erseke and for Nathan & Gabriel who serve with the Albanian Orthodox Church. Each one of them works tirelessly to serve Albania’s youth, through education, social care and personal development, all inspired and underpinned by a clear Christian message.

I also value the special friendship I have with Gimi & Jola, Dario and Emily, and their extended family. I long for the day when I am able spend time with Goni & Kela, and Steisi and Amanta who in so many ways through their warm welcome in 2008 fanned my first flames of interest for Albania and its people.

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