Peshkepi is a forgotten mountain village 30-minutes drive from Pogradec. Forgotten because it was isolated in communist times because it was on the Macedonian border and was fully engaged with nickel mining — a prohibited place. And still forgotten because, with only 150 mainly old inhabitants the government provides no support. Access is only by 4×4 or foot. Nehemiah has established new social infrastructure into the village: the old school repaired; a new community centre; a medical centre; a guest house. And the Albanian Orthodox Church has rebuilt the ancient church of St Mary — the village is Orthodox.  There are solid signs of new life: every day Nehemiah serves 30 hot meals to the elderly; a doctor regularly attends the clinic; formerly abandoned fields are being planted, and bees are producing honey, and a local marketing scheme is selling the produce. But there are challenges: the new school with only four potential pupils has no teacher, because the government only serves schools with more than ten; the road needs improvement; houses need repair. But there’s hope…

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