I’ve just enjoyed two days with Vali and her husband Sokol, and their son Sion; they live in Ishull Lezhë. They are dear friends, and Vali has visited Tollesbury on her UK visits. The second day we drove a few miles to meet Sokol’s mother and family on their family farm — one hectare of amazing productivity: wheat for their daily bread making, pigs, chickens, cows, tomatoes, cucumbers, corn and grapes for wine and raki. It was a treat to spend time with them. We arrived for coffee, but within moments cooking aromas wafted out of the house, and a wonderful spread of fried fish, cheese, fried pork, tomatoes, Turshi (pickled vegetables) and of course fresh baked bread were presented — Albanian hospitality! Then later in the day I joined one of Vali’s children’s meetings in Shëngjin, and as we left, Sokol turned up on his motorbike, he’s a policeman. 

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